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We Broke Down and NEED YOUR HELP! & Tour Announcements!

The Almost Dead Tour actually died! Our van (Vanna White) broke down in Omaha Nebraska and we had to drop the rest of the tour. It was/is the hardest thing we have encountered, but with an estimated mechanic bill of $4000 we decided to limp our sweet Vanna home very slowly over the next few days. When we finally got home I took Vanna to my trusted mechanic to find out the repair is going to run us $3500! With an early September tour with MC Lars and a Late September run with Youtube sensation Froggy Fresh we have decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to help get us back on the road! We really need your help! Every dollar helps! Click on the link to help us out PLEASE!!!

After you donate, check out the dates we will be doing in early September below!

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