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Otis Julius (formerly Big O) is a Hip Hop/Punk Rock artist from Caldwell Idaho. Otis Julius is positive, progressive, real, and creative. Otis Julius is art, and I am Otis Julius.


In my five years of doing Big O, I put out 4 EPs, toured all over the United States, Western Canada, played a major festival in Indonesia, played a show in Singapore, and all on my own terms and my own dime. I’ve built it to what it is now, and have decided to rebrand under the name of Otis Julius.


After the demise of a punk/hardcore band I played in for a few years, I planned on leaving music. Thankfully, it sucked me back in and I started experimenting with Hip Hop, my first musical love. I wanted to incorporate what I loved about the live energy of punk. I believe music should be something you experience, not just listen to, I really pride myself on my live set and energy at a show. Getting everyone involved is really important to a great experience.


I make music for three reasons:

I like it.

It allows me to travel.

I get to meet new people and love them the way Jesus has loved me (though my beliefs aren’t typically vocalized in my set).


If you have any, questions, thoughts, insults, or memes send them to

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